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The Subterranean Art Gallery


Tired of dark, grungy, not-so-rarely stinky or simply boring subway stations which seem to be all too common in large European cities? Well, in Lisbon you won’t see any of these… Full of amazing surprises above ground, the White City will surprise you once again once you’ve gone through any of the entrances featuring a white M on red background.  In the underground world, you’ll find yourself in what the Lisbon metro’s website calls “the city’s most visited museum”, filled with works of Portuguese and foreign artists which will absorb you so much that you wouldn’t mind missing one train or two…


The Cork Story

If you’re one of those fashionistas who like standing out in the crowd and have a thing for eco-friendliness, Lisbon’s Pelcor store is one place you shouldn’t miss. Located in the historical Baixa District and on the way to an even more historical, medieval Alfama (28, Rua das Pedras Negras), this space is a temple of innovation inspired by tradition. You’ll find there unforgettable and unique accessories made out of one of nature’s precious treasures – cork.